World's Sexiest Bed Gives Firm

Mattress-makers have given sales figures a bounce by inventing a specially designed bed to help randy lovers.

The love mattress includes special straps and handles for couples to hang on to when passions are rising high, reports CEN.

Further down the bed, which costs £1,200, is a carefully designed trench where men can place their knees for extra traction and grip.

The bed's inventors have included specially strong springs in the mattress's make-up, so even the laziest lovers can put extra snap into their performance.

The bed is being launched by Italian makers Sogniflex, whose boss Paolo Tonelli said: "There are studies which show that about 70 per cent of men and women say they are unsatisfied with their love-making or have some kind of performance problem.

"I wanted to invent something that could really help them, because most beds are designed for sleeping, not for making love."

Source : Orange News


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