Bacon Kevin Bacon Statue

Kevin Bacon sculpture made out of bacon J&D Foods, a US company specialising in bacon products, has commissioned an artist to create a life-sized bust of actor Kevin Bacon out of bacon.

The piece -- which took three months to make -- is called Bacon Kevin Bacon and comprises of a Styrofoam core covered in dried “bacon bits” a bacon-based crunchy salad topping. These were glued onto the bust and varnished to ensure longevity. It measures around 60 centimetres high and sits atop a marble base.

J&D Foods’ co-owner Justin Esch told AOL: "It should be in art gallery somewhere, but it would also look nice on a coffee table. I think it'll tie together any room nicely. Bacon makes everything better, including art."

Artist Mike Lahue created the artwork, which is due to be auctioned on eBay this week for charity Ashley’s Team, a non-profit organisation that helps children with cancer and their families. The charity was set up in J&D Foods co-owner Dave Lefkow’s daughter’s name. Four-year-old Ashley was diagnosed with leukaemia last year. The auction starts today and continues for 10 days.

The eBay ad advises that Bacon Kevin Bacon is not edible. The sculpture has been lacquered to ensure that the buyer doesn’t have a revolting piece of rotting meat on their hands.

According the auction page: “Owning Bacon Kevin Bacon will automatically make you the coolest person you will ever know, a champion of the underground meat sculpture movement and honestly should really tie any room together nicely. After all, bacon does make everything better.”

J&D Foods is responsible for a range of bacon-related novelties, including bacon-flavoured salt, lip-balm and mayonnaise (aka “Baconnaise”). It also created MMMvelopes, which taste like bacon when the seal is liked. The company partnered with Seattle-based bacon-crafting creative shop What Do Bacon Do? for the project.

According to the AOL report, J&D Foods obtained direct permission from Bacon to use his likeness to raise funds.

Source : Gizmodo


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