Gilpin Family Whisky Made from Urine

Gilpin Family Whisky If you are a diabetes patient “sweet urine” can be used to make whisky!

A London-based designer James Gilpin, made “Gilpin Family Whisky” using the high-sugar urine produced by elderly diabetes patients, including the urine of his grandmother

James Gilpin, who is also a diabetes patient, filters the high-sugar urine using the same processes used to purify water, removing the sugars in the process, which are then used in the fermentation stages.

If you are thinking to buy this exclusive “pee whisky,” too bad because Gilpin is not planning to market it commercially; it’s more of an art project for him.

So, what you can do now is to use your high-sugar urine to produce some special and luxury whisky to serve your guests when they visit you. I believe they will love it and thank you so much…but “No, Thanks!” from me.


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