Carol Ortiz : Bolivian Woman Giant Breasts

Bolivian woman Carol Ortiz - A 21 young Bolivian woman desperately needs an operation to reduce her gigantic breasts that weigh 20 pounds–the equivalent of an automobile tire!

who suffers gigantonastia, or hypertrophy of breast, speaks to her mother at her house in Trinidad, some 540 km (336 miles) northeast of La Paz, October 5, 2010. Carol has a baby and her family cannot afford the medical treatment, according to local media.

breast–a condition that can be brought on by hormonal changes in the body like puberty or pregnancy–that causes breasts to balloon to abnormal proportions.

The new mother says she experiences frequent pain and now has a bent back

Source : Upcoming Current Via All Voices
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  1. Anonymous

    Poor thing. >: It must be very painful..

  2. Anonymous

    Jesus F'ing Christ -- OF COURSE IT'S UGLY. This is a medical condition; were you expecting playboy?

  3. Anonymous

    Have pity for this poor girl. Hopefully by now she had said surgery.

    Seems like civility around here is long forgotten. *sigh*

  4. I discovered your web site whilst looking for something distinct on Bing and yahoo about topics related to movies, however I had the possibility to read this post and I found it really helpful indeed.

  5. Anonymous

    I hope that a rich doctor might spend sometime for this poor girl and help her. Health insurance should be for everyone and money shouldn't be a problem. We are not in 1000BC anymore...

  6. Anonymous

    I feel so bad

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