Chimpanzeess wedding ceremony

Chimpanzees celebrate wedding after arranged marriage A pair of chimpanzees have been married in a ceremony at a zoo in China - surrounded by photographers recording the happy occasion.

The happy groom for the day was four-year-old Yangyang, who it turns out is a bit of a toyboy (in chimpanzee years, at least), as his blushing bride Wanxing is six years old.

Admittedly, we don't actually know if she was blushing. We're not entirely sure how you'd tell if a chimpanzee was blushing. Do chimpanzees actually blush? Google isn't much help on this one.

The marriage was actually an arranged one - Yangyang, who was born in Guinea, moved to the wildlife park in Hefei, in eastern China's Anhui province after he was selected as being Wanxing's future hubby in 2009.

It wasn't a traditional white wedding - the bride wore a pink top and fetching multicoloured hat, while the groom wa sresplendant in a green, blue and yellow jumper and a rakish kerchief. Both also sported gigantic red ribbons, of dubious practicality.

The wedding was described as 'symbolic', although we're not entirely sure what it was symbolic of, other than the zoo's desire for the chimps to get it on good style. Which we're wholeheartedly in favour of.


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