World Gravy Wrestling Championship 2010

Fighters have battled it out in over 1,000 litres of gravy as part of the 4th annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships.

Dozens of competitors - all in fancy dress - attended the Lancashire event to grapple with each other in the 14ft pool filled with gravy an inch deep.

As over 1,000 fans cheered them on, points were awarded for wrestling skill, fun factor and the entertainment value in the two minute bouts.

Organisers say all the gravy used is made to a traditional Lancashire recipe and they get through over 1,000 litres during the day.

Elliot Rooke, dressed as a bunny girl, took the men's title while the female winner was Elisa Samson who had fought as Little Bo Peep -- In odd news neither of them will ever want a Sunday Roast again.

Source :- Oddity Central Via Newslite


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