Man Seeks World Rope-Sleeping Record

A Chinese man who claims he can sleep on a rope tied between two trees is hoping to get into the Guinness Books of Records.

Gao Yang, 37, says it took him nearly a quarter of a century to master the skill but he can now sleep on the rope for seven hours.

Gao, of Anshan, northeastern China's Liaoning Province, says he practices on a 10ft high rope in his local park every morning.

He told NEN News: "I met a master when I was 12, and he taught me some tips. It took me nearly 24 years to acquire the skill.

"It's nearly impossible for ordinary people to do this. It needs the perfect coordination of body muscles and balancing skills.

"I am finally ready to contact Guinness in the coming days and am confident of being able to set a world record."


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