Meat Is Murder Protest by PETA

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) demonstrators mimic typical meat packages with signs reading, 'Meat Is Murder,' in Times Square in New York on July 27, 2010. The activists lying nearly naked on large trays and covered with clear plastic will feature oversized price stickers that warn, 'Billions of Animals Are Abused and Violently Killed Because You Eat Meat'.

Source :- Economic Times Via Day Life


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  1. makes me hungry for some ground beef

  2. im proud of this protest. why do people think they have the right to torture and kill animals? what is wrong with people?

  3. Anonymous

    It's a pretty cool way of attention seeking but it's protests like this that are the reason people dont take PETA seriously. For instance, instead of using every day ppl they went out of their way to use models, images of perfection in the eyes of society and go for a 'controversial' approach. Do u think people care what cow gets used on their burger? No,as far as they are concerned it's just a cow... but of course if it was naomi cambpell or giselle then YES people would get upset. This is just entertainment for most, and a bit of a performance, it doesn't really hit home because there will always be a big difference between a cow and a person.

  4. Anonymous an idiot......
    Let me ask you something?
    Do you have a favorite pet? YOur dog/hamster/cat etc?
    If you support PETA you should let them run free..>Otherwise you are keeping them slaves...That is what PETA clamis.

    Or lets look at this from another angle =))
    So PETA claims that animals should have rights

    Ok lets give them rights up for it.....As soon as they break the law, we can arrest them and eat them again.

    You all pro-PETA people out there are missing the point.
    Have you even thought about what having rigths means? it means you also have obligations.
    BEcause you have the right of free speech for example, you could say you have the obligation to pay taxes? right?
    (Just an example, it's a bad correlation i know)

    Soo how would that go for animals?
    They can't talk.....And they couldn't pay taxes either.
    Not to mention we as people have alot of laws like not taking a C**P on the street, or having sex in a public place.......
    Did you ever think about how that would aplly to animals?:|

  5. Anonymous

    No offense PETA but no matter how hard you try, people are still going to continue eating meat. We humans have been eating meat for hundreds of thousands of years. What makes you think we are going to stop now?

  6. Anonymous

    Omnom human flesh :D It should taste yummy~

    No, this doesn't have any affect on me at all Peta.

    You and your hypocritical ways; Supporting killing dogs and starving animals that do eat meat. :> Silly, silly people.

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