Crocodile Suite – Hisako Matsumoto

The artists who came out last year, Hisako Matsumoto (松元久子) must be one of my favorites, and apparently I am not alone, since I have seen her work exhibited twice so far. As her graduation piece she created this crocodile costume, crocodile suit, complete with crocodile helmet and crocodile boots, in ceramics. Sometimes art just comes together like this, craft and concept, hand and brains. On Time Out Tokyo she gives a little bit more background on the inspiration behind this piece. Even if you can’t read Japanese you can have a look at the photo of her (she has a smile worthy of a cover model).

The more I see coming out from Tama Art University, the more I am convinced that this must be one of the best art universities in the world. This piece was even featured in Nikkei (one of the most artless business newspapers in the world). As a final trivia, I found out while googling her name that it’s the 801622nd most popular name in Japan. Who would have known?

Source :- Tokyobling


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