World's Fastest Snail

World Snail Racing Championships People gathered from around the globe

People in Congham, Norfolk, have been racing the shell-dwellers at their annual fete for 25 years.

The annual gathering sees about 250 people from as far away as Malawi bring their hard-backed friends along to race.

This year it was pesky plant-eater Terri who set his owner on a silvery trail to fame if not fortune.

In his quest to become the world's fastest snail, the slimy competitor slithered 13 inches to the finish line in 2 minutes 49 seconds.

Owner, 27-year-old Claire Hopkins, from West Raynham, Norfolk, said: "We only came by chance so this is quite unexpected, I feel quite privileged to win."

The creatures who win the preliminary are then entered into the final at the end of the day.

Snail master Neil Riseborough, 50, said: "This is the snail racing world championships, all the rest are imitations. If you don't win the final here then you're not a world champion."

The victor claimed a silver tankard filled with lettuce, and the prestigious title of "Fastest Snail in the World".

The current record was achieved in 1995 at two minutes.

Source :- The Sun


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