The World's First Inflatable Pub

Olde Worlde It is perhaps the ultimate in local pubs — so local that it’s in your back garden.

Website Drink has come up with a range of blow-up hostelries in an ‘olde-worlde ’ style that can be inflated on your own turf.

However, you’ll need a lot of beer money to buy one.

The biggest model — the Hogshead — is 26ft tall and 15ft wide and costs £27,815.

It takes (the website claims) just ten minutes for four adults to set up, and you can invite up to 50 people inside to celebrate your new ‘landlord’ status.

Inside, the pub includes features such as a tiled roof, a fireplace, a brick stone wall and two chimney pots.

Three smaller models — called the Barrel, Kilderkin and Firkin — start at £4,275.

With imitation tiled roof, brick walls, chimney pots and fireplaces, you could almost be in a real pub.

The only thing that’s missing, of course, is a darts board…


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