Rotel bus Tourists around the World

Rotel bus tours is a touring company offers worldwide with special buses to travel

Rotel 'stands for' Rolling hotel '.-The Rolling Hotel. Be carried out global studies and expeditions.There are single and double rooms. The group size is between 20 and 40 participants. Rotel Tours has 3400 beds on wheels'.

Rotel Tours is a pioneer in post-war German tourism. The family business was founded in 1945 by George Höltl. From 1950 on trips to France, Italy, Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean have been conducted. Among them were many pilgrimages. Has stayed in tents. The trips were from the beginning marked by the encounter and international understanding. For example, the pilgrimage with Pax Christi to France after the Second World War, with its German-French meeting exclusively dedicated to the reconciliation carried out. Rotel Tours wore the title, International Meeting journeys'.

With the invention of the rolling Hotels by Georg Höltl entirely new trips were possible, such as 1959, the first trip on the overland route from Munich via Turkey to Jerusalem in 1962 by land to India and back, and in 1969 there was a bus from Rotel Tours, the first time crossed the Sahara. Since 1990, the rolling hotel, you also, for example, by China, Mongolia, Laos and Vietnam.

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