staples city

Artist peter root staple cityscape a look at his latest work ‘ephemicropolis’, a metropolis made completely from stacks of metal staples. the piece consists of over 100,000 staples that were assembled over a time period of 40 hours. the stacks were each broken into different sizes, designed to represents everything from small scale buildings to large skyscrapers. the largest stacks are about 12 cm high, while the some buildings consist of only a single staple. the whole installation takes up a floor space of about 600cm x 300cm. unlike root’s previous project potato landscape, ‘ephemicropolis’ won’t start to grow mould any time soon.

Source:- designboom via peterroot


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  1. Caroline

    How creative. Great find Paul!

  2. CraftyRichela

    It's a bit futuristic, like almost out of sci fi movie. Very cool.

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