Chinese Man eats 1,500 lightbulbs

Wang Xianjun, living in the Xitan community in Linshui County, Sichuan province, is a complete and total "eccentric" in the eyes of his neighbors. It is common for people to have rice or steamed buns for the breakfast, but Wang likes to eat an extra light bulb. The 54-year-old man started eating light bulbs at the age of 12, and has eaten approximately 1,500 bulbs over the past 42 years.

Wang regards himself as open-minded. When he was 12 years old, he accidentally swallowed a fish bone, and his parents became very worried. To their surprise, Wang did not feel uncomfortable at all. Then out of curiosity, he boldly picked up a piece of broken glass, and felt no adverse effects after eating it.

From then on, he began practicing eating light bulbs. He only dared to eat a small piece of glass at the beginning, but as time passed, he became addicted to eating bulbs. However, he does not eat bulbs every day. He sometimes only eats bulb splinters at breakfast, and at most, one bulb each time.

Source:- Metro Via Rexfeatures


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