Long-lost brothers discover they're neighbours

After years of trying to find each other, two long-lost Newfoundland brothers have discovered they live just metres apart in Corner Brook.

"He was across the road. I could not believe it. That was crazy. It took me about three hours to get up the nerve to call," said Tommy Larkin, 30.

Larkin and his brother, Stephen Goosney, 29, were adopted as children by separate families. Larkin grew up in a happy family in Cook's Harbour, on Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula.

Goosney grew up a few hundred kilometres south, in Woody Point.

Both Larkin and Goosney spent years searching for their biological family but had no luck, until they received help from Newfoundland and Labrador's Post Adoption Services agency.

On March 25, the brothers found out they have been living on the same street in Corner Brook, western Newfoundland, for the past two years.

"[Finding him in] Newfoundland would have been really exceptional … but across the road is something amazing," said Goosney.

Since meeting, the brothers said they have been spending a lot of time together. They say each visit reveals just how much they have in common.

"Both of us don't like celery and different foods. We like and don't like … lots of similarities and there is going to be more and more, the more time we spend with each other," said Larkin.

The brothers plan to put their proximity to good use in the coming months with backyard barbeques all summer long.

Source:- cbc.ca


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