World's Largest Pot of Bortsch Soup Recipe

A Russian chef bortsch recipes in a huge-sized pot during an international agricultural exhibition on the outskirts of Kiev, capital of Ukraine, on Oct. 2, 2010. By putting 250 kilograms of cabbages, 90 kilograms of onions, 80 kilograms of carrots, 140 kilograms of beans and 27 kilograms of salt into a 5,000-liter soup pot, chefs finally created 4,000 liters of "borscht", setting a new world record.

[borscht] ingredient It usually contains beet, which gives it a strong red color. Other typical additional ingredients, depending on preparation, Non vegetarian are vegetarian (beans, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, onions or tomatoes), the mushrooms and meat (chicken, pork or beef).

It is commonly accepted that the borscht is originally from Ukraine, but part of the local culinary heritage of many countries of eastern and central Europe. The soup is called barščiai in Lithuania, barszcz in Poland, borscht (Борщ) in Russia and Ukraine and bors in Romania.

There are two kinds of barszcz : white (Bialy) and red (Czerwony); it is prepared from sugar beet and is one of twelve traditional dishes from the table on Christmas Eve Polish.

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