3D TV Without Glasses Unveiled

The world's first 3D Without Glasses television that doesn't require glasses has hit the market.

Toshiba unveiled the high-definition liquid crystal display 3D television that does not require the special glasses - one of the biggest consumer complaints about the technology.

The Tokyo-based company hopes this could be the breakthrough that brings 3D TV to the masses.

Glassess-less 3D: The Regza GL1 Series TV which combines image processing technology with a double convex sheet to render depth-filled images from any angle using parallax

Toshiba describes the TVs as being for 'personal use'.

Whether consumers embrace the new TVs remains to be seen. Many might be put off by the fact that they'll have to be very close to the screen for the 3D effect to really work - not to mention the steep price tag.

Electronics and entertainment companies around the world are banking on 3D to fuel a new boom in TV, movies and games.

Most 3D TVs on the market today rely on glasses to deliver separate images to each eye, which creates a sense of three-dimensional depth.

In its new TVs, Toshiba uses a 'perpendicular lenticular sheet,' which consists of an array of small lenses that direct light from the display to nine points in front of the TV. If a viewer is sitting within the optimal viewing zone, the brain integrates these points into a single 3D image.

Small: Masaaki Osumi of Toshiba with the 12-inch 3D TV and the 20-inch

'The result is a precise rendering of high-quality 3D images whatever the viewing angle within the viewing zone,' Toshiba said.

The system is similar to what's used in Nintendo's 3DS, the company's highly anticipated hand-held device that features glasses-free 3D gaming.

Toshiba will offer two sizes - 12 inches and 20 inches. The technology is not advanced enough yet to integrate into larger screens. Suggested viewing distance for the 20-inch model is 90 centimetres (35.4 inches) and 65 centimetres (25.6 inches) for the 12-inch size.

The TVs will go on sale in Japan in late December, Toshiba said. The smaller version will cost about 120,000 yen (£912), and the larger one will be double the price.

The company did not release details on overseas availability.


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