Phonehenge – Remarkable Replica Of Stonehenge

Phonehenge is one of the fabulously done Stonehenge replicas, in the rock-and-roll themed amusement park called the Freestyle Music Park (formerly called as the Hard Rock Park) near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is playfully entitled Phonehenge and surrounds a large performance space in the British Invasion section of the park. The park built on 55 acres was inaugurated in the year 2008 in April as Hard Rock Park, was closed temporarily in September 2008 and was reopened for public visit in May 2009.

A performance area that is well-equipped with lots of red old-fashioned British telephone boxes/booths which are arranged to resemble Stonehenge resembles only a semi-circle structure that includes three inner trilithons. While observing closely, there’s something about each ‘stone’ done up there, with contained spaces which could have been utilized in a more effective way.

The performances which are exclusively featured here are Fire-eater, sword-swallower, and juggler Lukas Dudek. Despite some of its visibly failings and being the less accurate replica, this structure has its own appeal to attract the visitors at the beach, as the Stonehenge replicas and their derivatives around the world, have always been the things of amuse and attraction for the historical and archeological lovers.

Source : Planet Oddity


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