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world's largest omelette : Turkish chefs set a new world record for the world’s largest omelette Recipes during World Egg Day events in capital of Ankara.

How To Make Omelette was cooked in a giant fryer which is 10 metres in diameter. During the event, 65 cooks whisked 110,010 eggs to cook the omelette of 4,400 kg. It took 2.5 hours to cook it.

Carim Valerio of the Guinness Book of Records confirmed that it was the biggest omelette of the world.

The record breaking omelette has been brought to Ankara to celebrate World Egg Day 2010 and promote eggs as a healthy, affordable and easy to prepare food staple.

The Turkish Egg Producers Association staged the event to promote eggs as a healthy primary food source. Said the association's president, Derya Pala: "After seeing our record-breaking omelet we hope that more people will be encouraged to make eggs a greater part of their diet."

No word on whether bystanders' composite cholesterol level spiked during the cook-off, but witnesses did report a low, gutteral groan from the world's vegans.

The former record for the World's Largest Omelet, held by cooks in Cape Town, was a kid meal-friendly 3.625 tons.

On the NASDAQ, shares of Turkish bacon closed high following a sharp rise in demand.

Source : Take Part And Armenia News

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