Top 10 of smelly cheese

I do not know where, but for Ukraine, for example, scientists odorologi zazombirovali customers: cheese more expensive, because it is the product of decay, rot and now expensive. The natural process of decomposition of protein molecules always causes controversy - for 95% of ignorant consumers a "phew!" For 5% of the discerning gourmet is "FAS" and "take!".

The world is produced and consumed by many kinds of cheese, which, to put it mildly, reek. In comparison with many of the cheese-making fragrances worn 3 days crepe socks neighbor dipso - mere roses (jasmine, osmanthus, lavender, etc.). Choose a Top Ten fetid cheese world was for us a daunting task. But, putting the best masks with gopkalitovymi cartridges, and entering into contracts with the most persistent tasters, we have achieved some results.

And there was a prize vonyuchenkaya ten-cheese. Let's start with the most "tolerant".

Source:- Neobychno


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