Most luxurious bus stop in Britain

In honour of the World Cup, Britain's most luxurious bus stop has been given a football-themed makeover.

Kitted out with a sofa, cushions, a TV, a phone and flowers, the shelter attracts thousands of tourists every year - and even boasts a hot snacks stand.

Its latest design follows a Valentine's Day love-nest look and a winter wonderland theme.

The makeovers began after a local resident put a sofa and table inside the bus stop, but over the years extra facilities have been added - including an Amstrad computer and a microwave.

They are for decorative purposes only as the shelter has no electricity. In winter, fairy lights, powered by a generator, give it a festive glow.

Every year a portion of the 614 residents of the island of Unst, the northernmost of the Scottish Shetland Islands, band together to decorate their stop near Baltasound.

The tiny community's Millennium celebration was held there, and even the Golden Jubilee - during which the shelter was filled with Earl Grey tea and cucumber sandwiches.

Themes have ranged from outer space to colours yellow, pink, turquoise, and this year, it pays homage to the World Cup.

Over the years the shelter has picked up quite a reputation and now has its own website and Facebook page.

The bus shelter even has its own visitors books.

Bobby Macaulay helped to start what has now become one of the island's biggest tourist hot spots.

The 21-year-old said: ‘It started with a sofa and since then there's been so much stuff donated it has to be regulated.

‘People are bringing their unwanted furniture to the shelter instead of taking it to the skip.

‘It didn't start as a project - in the beginning it wasn't organised. It just kind of started itself.

‘Now people come from all over the world to see it - we even had to install a traffic island there because so many tour buses were visiting.

‘I'm very proud of being a part of starting it up.

‘We've made something really quite impressive out of something very small.

‘It relies on tremendous community spirit and trust, the kind you would only find on an island such as Unst.’


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