Crystal Bathtub

The Incredible Bathtub Carved from a Single Slab of Quartz and crazy jacuzzis ideas designs, but this thing defies imagination. It's an 8.3-feet diameter bathtub made from a single rock crystal. If Superman had a tub in his Fortress of Solitude, this would be Most luxurious Bathtub Ever

And he will use it with Lois Lane and Wonderwoman, because it can fit three people. Made by Italian company Baldi using diamond cutters, the bathtub took six months to carve out of a giant quartz rock. The rock itself was found in the Amazonia rainforest.

I can't decide if the effect of the halogen lighting through the rock is the coolest or the tackiest thing ever in a bathroom. Probably both, and that's why I want to spend an hour inside.

Source:- Gizmodo Via Interior Design Blog


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  1. Bill thinksmartgames

    I might be a rich douche, but I’d be a *clean* rich douche.

    With a crystal for a bathtub

  2. Anonymous

    mantap gan ... from K***s

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