Wang Xiaoyu performs headstand haircut

Wang Xiaoyu, 35, gives a model a haircut while standing on his head near his barbershop in Changsha

Wang, a barber of 15 years who has had 18 years of training in martial arts, is now trying to attract more customers by giving haircuts whilst adopting a headstand, local media reported. a Chinese hair-stylist, trained in the art of kung-fu, cuts hair, while standing upside down, on his head. his hair cut style might be the most bizarre one in the world. beside Wang Xiaoyu there’s another unique hair cut technique by Pietro Santoro why cut his customer hair with fire.

36-year-old Wang Xiaoyu first attracted media attention,in May of last year, when local papers reported a man cutting his customers’ hair, while doing a headstand. The wackybarber has been cutting hair, in the city of Changsha, Hunan Province, for 16 years, and is now using his 18 years of kung-fu training to boost up his business. maybe using akung fu technique to do a hair cuts is the best way to promote his kung fu.

What can I say, his customers better pray Wang doesn’t get dizzy while using a sharp razor. Someone could literally lose their heads over this. But, on the other hand, if you’ve ever doubted the power of kung-fu martial arts, now’s the time to stop.

Here’s another picture of how Wang Xiaoyu performed his kung fu technique to do a hair cuts. here’s Kung Fu Barber Cuts performed by Wang Xiaoyu

Source:- Reuters
Image Source:- daylife


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