30 Famous Mythical Humanoid Creatures

Some mythical creatures, have their origin in tradition and some might be living in distant past. However each culture is associated with a multitude of such creatures, many of them being humanoids. Literally, there are thousands of legendary humanoid creatures that might have in real or believed to be lurked upon our planet but we shall tell here the tales of the most popular ones integrated in various cultures.
30 Famous Mythical Humanoid Creatures List:-Gog and Magog,Satyr,Abarimon,Nephilim,Mermaid,Banshee,Abatwa,Elf,Cyclops,Orc,Kapre,Leperchaun,Ogre,Dziwo┼╝ona,Mono Grande,Vampires,Tellem,Yeti,Tiyanak,Werewolf,Fomorian,Blemmyes,Tikbalang,Encantado,Aswang,Basajaun,Rakshasa,Wendigo,Incubus,Sasquatch

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