Naked Woman’s Yoga Protest

A naked woman stopped traffic near the Houses of Parliament yesterday, by clambering on to a black cab for a five-minute ‘yoga protest’. She yelled ‘Troops out of Afghanistan’, as the cabbie tried to shift her and tourists looked on. Police finally managed to move the woman.
Witness Carl Backland, 50, said: ‘She jumped on the cab when it stopped at the lights – the driver wasn’t very pleased.’

Source:- unique Daily


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  1. Sheffield

    This shouldn't be necessary but at least she got her message across.

  2. colin

    Well she's had her five minutes of fame. The usual combination of exhibitionism, "peace and love" grandstanding, and, of course, nudity.


    Good for her!! I bet that got their attentions.
    Maybe someone will listen to her and get the troops home.

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