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The chocolate room is 17-square-metres in size Hotel

Lithuanian shoppers on Monday had a sweet Valentine's Day visual treat in the form of an entire chocolate room, but will have to wait to actually taste a piece of the walls and decor, organisers said.

"We wanted to create something special for Valentine's Day. The chocolate room looks just like a traditional Lithuanian sitting-room," Frederikas Jansonas, spokesman for the Akropolis shopping mall in the capital Vilnius, told AFP.

The 17-square-metre (183-square-foot) room is made of chocolate from floor to ceiling, and also contains chocolate furniture and interior decorations such as candlesticks, pictures and books.

Seven artists used 300 kilogrammes (661 pounds) of chocolate to create it.

"Everybody who sees a full-size chocolate room will have no doubt. It's the best place for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner," sculptor Mindaugas Tendziagolskis said in a statement.

For now, however, the curious can only look, not touch or taste.

The room will be on view until March 8 -- International Women's Day -- when it will be broken up and the chocolate distributed to visitors, Jansonas said.

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