World's Largest Lederhosen Record

If you're a larger gentleman Lederhosen , it can sometimes be hard finding a decent pair of Lederhosen that fit properly. Fortunately, one Austrian lederhosen maker has created a pair that you should be able to fit in comfortably.

Tailor Walter Sinnhofer is claiming a new world record for producing the world's largest pair of the traditional leather shorts.

The lederhosen in question are over 15ft long and four yards wide, and took Sinnhofer two months to cut and stitch from 77 square yards of cow hide. They weigh a hefty 50kg.

Now Sinnhofer of Henndorf, Austria, is hoping that Guinness World Records will officially Recognise his achievement in the field of massive lederhosen manufacture and declare them the world's largest pair.

He already has form in the record-breaking lederhosen game, as five years ago Guinness awarded him the record for producing the smallest pair of lederhosen, which were just 38 millimeters long.

Source :- Metro


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