Underwater Sports

Underwater sports include a range of sports, mostly involving the use of swimfins and often including some element of breath-hold, snorkelling or scuba. The governance of these sports involves some controversies.

Some sports here are related to some events in sports lifesaving.

Underwater sports are typically considered to include:-

* Sub-aqua diving (also known as scuba)
* Finswimming
* Underwater hockey (more commonly known as Octopush)
* Underwater rugby
* Underwater orienteering
* Underwater target shooting
* Spearfishing
* Freediving
* Underwater photography
* Underwater ice hockey
* Underwater football (here the football refers to American Football not Association Football or any other variant)
* Aquathlon (underwater wrestling)
* Speed Lifesaving (there are several events in which fins are used)


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