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My name is ASHRAF khan and I’m just 20-year-old, I’m a full time Blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium from blogs like Spluch.

From Hobby to Profession

Back in 2010 I stumbled upon an article about ‘Blogging’. I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life. I know that statements like that belong on those cheesy but it is actually true.

Within 24 hours of reading the article I had started my own Blog – a Spluch blog where I’ve explored Amazing | Painting | Sex | Arts | Illusions | Facts | History | Sculpture | Pictures | Videos | Artist | Women | Men | Spluch |Funny | Wired | Interesting | Fresh | and Blogging ever since. I’ve learned so much from the experience of that blog that I’ve since started many other blogs.

As my blogs have grown in popularity and have begun to generate income Blogging has grown from a hobby (some would say an obsession), to a part time job through to a fully fledged business in recent times. I have slowly built my blogging into a income source that has enabled me to dedicate more and more time to the medium to the point where I am currently a full time blogger – a Spluch.

I hope you enjoy Spluch.


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  1. What exactly is spulch? It doesn't seem to have a clear message right now, although this about section makes it sounds like an established blog.

  2. Shawn

    i know a blog called http://spluch.blogspot.com , if this is yours ? continue with this link
    If not you are such an thief.who dont even know a meaning on the site name

    and what do you mean by new and dynamic ?

  3. Anonymous

    Love to See Spluch blogspot now in com....

  4. keep up the good work. Although i don't comment much, i truly find ur blog to be very informative and entertaining.

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